Welcome to our blog!

Hello! My name is Michelle I am the Project Assistant Intern for Environment for the Americas here in Boulder, Colorado. I will be the one working behind the scenes of the blog. Some more about me, I graduated in 2011 from the University of Vermont (UVM) where I majored in Environmental Studies. There I worked for the UVM Office of Sustainability and Alliance for Climate Action. After graduating I volunteered for the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund until I moved out to Colorado. As the Project Assistant Intern I will be serving as a liaison to the other AGO interns by recruiting and selecting interns then will be blogging about the interns’ different experience.

As stated in our last blog, we are currently on the lookout for 7 Latino interns as part of the America’s Great Outdoors Grant. Here, you will be filled in with pictures, activity ideas, event notifications, and updates on what the interns are doing. Interns will be found in a variety of areas including Alaska, California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington DC. With such a range of locations, the internship experiences are sure to be all unique.  Stay tuned for more updates about the America’s Great Outdoors Interns!

If you are interested in applying our internship postings can be found here or here.


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