Celebrating Earth Day!

Earth Day participants at our booth!

Earth Day participants at our booth!

Monterey County has several cities that are very close to one another, interestingly each city has a different ethnic composition. Last month, Hugo (the other intern) and I hosted an educational booth at an event in Salinas, CA. This community clean-up event had a great turnout from the local Latino community. This past weekend, Hugo and I had an educational booth at a different event in Marina, CA.  It was an Earth Day event in front of a park that has many ducks and a variety of bird species.  It was unfortunate that this neat event did not have a significant number of Latino participants.  It was really rewarding to provide information about migratory bird conservation to the Earth Day participants that stopped by our booth. Our bird making mask activity was really popular- all the kids really enjoyed it!


Next week, Hugo and I will work with the MERITO group from Santa Cruz, CA. MERITO is a great program that gets kids outdoors. We met with the MERITO groups at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center to get more information on the group and find out ways to partner with them. The Monterey Bay Exploration Center has a new visitor center that provides visitors with great information for free! We hope to lead guided walking on the trails at Elkhorn Slough and get the MERITO kids excited about being outdoors.

Other than that, we continue to work on our surveys, trying to capture all the shore birds at low tide. There has definitely been a great surge in my bird counts. Many are now getting their mating plumage. I have been seeing more black bellied plovers with black bellies. I think that I am halfway through with my ten-week survey time and I will miss it- when it is all done. Stay tuned in for my post next week!

Here I am- hard at work.

Here I am- hard at work.


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