HumedalesEnVivo~ Spanish webcasts from Panamá & Alaska!

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This past weekend we filmed our WetlandsLIVE webcasts called Discovering Wetlands, Descubriendo Humedales in Spanish here in Cordova Alaska! Through a series of free webcasts,  WetlandsLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure connects youth and educators to wetlands to engage in learning activities that inspire hands-on stewardship action. In the Discovering Wetlands webcast, students from the local elementary school explored and discovered the importance of wetlands for shorebird and salmon habitat and restoration work in a local wetland. The Discover Wetlands webcast will be aired May 9, 2013 on the WetlandsLIVE website.

WetlandsLIVE is glad to be able to offer Spanish language educational webcasts, making this distance learning adventure available to a greater audience from students in the US to students in Latin America. I had the opportunity to participate in the Spanish language webcast in Cordova. Something I enjoyed was working with the Spanish speaking students and learning about wetlands in Spanish.

There will be two Spanish webcasts airing on the WetlandsLIVE website this month.

Caminando en los Humedales: May 8, 2013 from Panama Bay, Panama

What exactly is a wetland? How does it function to benefit wildlife and people? Visit the Panama Bay and learn about its importance especially for migratory species.

Descubriendo Humedales: May 23, 2013 from Cordova, Alaska

In the the Copper River Delta, the largest continuous wetland in the Pacific Coast of North America, students from Cordova explore and discover the importance of wetlands for shorebird and salmon habitat and restoration work in a local wetland.

These free webcasts will be broadcasted online at and are intended for students 9-14 years old but all are welcome to watch and participate.

Lesly and students

Lesly and students

Lesly at Hartney bay

Lesly at Hartney bay


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