Colorado Interns

I was thrilled to find out that Portland Torres was the new intern hired through Environment for the Americas to work alongside me at the Blanca Wetlands. I have known Portland for about a year now and he is absolutely an amazing person. I met Portland last year when he was my crew leader at the BLM. Last summer was my first year as a Biological Technician. I had no prior experience, which made me really nervous about performing the work asked of our seasonal crew. Portland taught me everything I needed to know in order to successfully complete all of our summer tasks, surveys, data collections, and seasonal reports. I have a great deal of respect for Portland not only as a colleague but also as a wonderful friend.

Portland and I on a shorebird survey

Portland and I on a shorebird survey

Portland and I worked together every day last summer and became great friends. Being friends with your coworkers no only  makes successfully completing tasks easier but it also makes your overall day better and a lot more joyful. Portland and I are both very optimistic individuals and that always makes life easier when out in the field. Port is always fun to be around and I am very excited to work with him this summer.

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