Outreach Success in Colorado!

I am excited to share that Portland & I did our first educational outreach program and it was a success! We went to Centennial Elementary School in San Luis, Colorado and presented to the grades K-6th. For the younger grades we prepared a shorebird identification powerpoint and explained how their distinct beak allows them to eat different insects. The Kindergarten and 1st graders designed masks based on their favorite shorebirds. The 2nd-4th graders built hand puppets of their favorite shorebirds. The presentation for the 5th and 6th grades was about nests. Portland and I explained types of nests, camouflaged eggs, and why sizes of nests are so different.  We did not build a shorebird nest due to the fact that shorebirds do not  make colorful or exciting nests. Instead we had this group of students build a Red-winged Blackbird nest which is much more interesting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall my experience working with Centennial Elementary was amazing! All of the students were respectful, curious, full of energy, and a complete joy to be around. All of the teachers and parents that attended our programs were also a pleasure to be around and were extremely helpful.


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