18th Annual USDA Farmers Market Opening

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Last Friday (June 7, 2013) was the opening of the annual USDA Farmer’s Market celebrating the 18th season of hosting fresh produce local vendors from DC, Maryland and Virginia. I was there representing the US Forest Service and Environment for the Americas, supporting environmentally friendly agriculture practices and healthier lifestyles. More than 200 people gathered in the USDA Whitten Building to witness the ringing of the bell, by Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Michael Scuse, marking the start of this year’s USDA Farmers Market. The event also included appearances by Washington Redskins Reed Doughty, Woodsy Owl and Smokey Bear.

The USDA Farmers Market is celebrated every Friday during the summer and is a great opportunity to enjoy lunch made fresh, support local farmers and mingle. If you are in DC this summer, don’t miss the chance to visit the USDA Farmers Market. It’s a great way to enjoy awesome fresh food while supporting the local economy and help the environment.


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