Visiting the Site

The first week after coming back from the training in San Diego has passed, and I am grateful to have been part of it. It was great meeting all the interns that were very friendly and share similar interests. It is sad that we only got to spend a week together. I am looking forward to hearing from them in the future. I know we are all going to do great and be experts by the end.

I am excited to start surveying my location. My survey site is in Ballona Creek, and I will be observing from a heavily traveled bike path. It is a great location because the beach is right there, along with a few restaurants so that we can discuss our bird numbers after the surveys. The only things that worry me are the amount of trash we saw along the creek and getting run over by a bike when I am surveying, but bikers were pretty careful when driving past us last Saturday. I hope they are always that careful for the next couple of months. I will report to my blog if I do get run over. It will be an interesting read!

There is STILT time!

There is STILT time!


I think I see some.

Beautiful day at the creek

Beautiful day at the creek

A lot of trash along the creek

A lot of trash along the creek


5 thoughts on “Visiting the Site

  1. Great post! We should look into doing a trash clean-up day for your site with volunteers. Let’s work on making that happen!

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