Bird Walk at Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

This week I had the opportunity to join Dorsey High and Leo Politi Elementary students in a bird walk at Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook. The park is very nice and well maintained. The view at the top is amazing. You are able to see the whole city surrounding the park and the ocean at the distance. It was great to see all the students very excited to walk around with binoculars and try to identify birds we encountered. They were given tasks throughout the day, like a scavenger hunt and writing a poem about what they felt and saw being outdoors. It was a very fun experience and I am looking forward to participating in more events with all the students.

On one of my surveys this past week I had assistance from an experienced shorebird surveyor, Dan Cooper. I was able to ask him questions I’ve been wondering regarding species that I wasn’t seeing and about my surveying technique. I was reassured about the birds I was identifying and my technique and now I am more confident during my surveys. He also informed me about possible careers and conferences that I am interested in hearing more about. I learned a lot from him and I hope to work more with him in the future.

Look an Allen's Hummingbird!

Look an Allen’s Hummingbird!

The great view

The great view

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