EFTA Retreats to the Mountains

What a busy week it has been!  The EFTA headquarters staff took an office retreat yesterday to Silverthorne, CO (about 1 1/2 hrs from Boulder).  You may be asking: who exactly makes up the EFTA headquarters staff?

[Dr.] Sue Bonfield – Executive Director
Natasha Kerr – Program and Outreach Coordinator
Diane Winters – Customer Service guru
Djavan Nascimento- Digital Art/Media Intern
…and myself!…Cara Ascarrunz- Communications and Intern Liaison

Our retreat location was bea-u-ti-ful!  The mountain home is tucked away behind an aspen grove and is accessible by a long and windy dirt and gravel road.

A beautiful view near the retreat home

A beautiful view near the retreat home

The day consisted of each staff member going over why we work for EFTA, the responsibilities of our position, and how to improve the position in the future.  While we all work in the office together and have an idea of what everyone does daily, it was great to hear everyone talk about EFTA from their own point of view.

Morning work discussions!

Morning work discussions!

For me, I stumbled upon my opportunity with EFTA by chance from seeing an ad on Craigslist and I thought it would be the perfect transition of my biology background to gain experience working in an environmental nonprofit.  …and I am SO happy how it worked out!  I have really enjoyed learning the inner responsibilities of a small, environmental nonprofit.  EFTA has given me so many opportunities since I was hired last October and I am looking forward to the remainder of my internship.

Another favorite and interesting part of the retreat was hearing from Sue the history behind EFTA.  Long story short, EFTA was formalized as a separate nonprofit seven years ago as a way to help manage International Migratory Bird Day.  Sue has really developed EFTA to be a unique and special organization and, of course, I am happy the internship program evolved out of Environment for the Americas or none of us interns would be blogging to you today!  My other supervisor, Natasha, works long distance from California so it was awesome to spend the retreat day with her and hear about all the great international work she is coordinating.  ….(stayed tuned for my hopeful supervisor interviews with Sue and Natasha!)

Lastly, the day concluded with a beautiful hike to Boulder Lake.  While we attempted to stay to a time-limit of hiking for 1hr1/2 and turning back for dinner…we were TOO close to the lake to turn around and I was determined to see it!  Djavan and I (with Natasha close behind) sprinted through the woods on the trail next to the river (sprinted as fast as we could at about 10,000 elevation) to get to the lake.  I am so happy we did, because the view was amazing!

A beautiful view after a long hike and successful retreat day!

A beautiful view after a long hike and successful retreat day!


I feel the EFTA office is now rejuvenated to finish the summer!  Stay tuned for more of the fun happening in the EFTA office.

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