Time flies when having fun!

Deisy is not okay with 5 am surveys

Deisy is not okay with 5 am surveys

Sparrows Nests

Sparrows Nests

I don’t think I am the only one that feels this way, but being Latina our motto is “Si se puede!” Whenever I am told I cannot do something, I make sure I do it plus ten more things. That being said, I was told it would be impossible to pull off a festival in the little time that we have for this internship. Well, of course, I have taken matters into my own hands and am doing the opposite. At this point I am juggling all the roles I play outside of my job, on top of purchasing materials for work, participating in surveys (morning and night), and now piling the wonderful event planning duties on top of that. Deisy and I have had this goal from the start; however, we haven’t truly taken measures until now. I can now say all things are moving smoothly. The mission to our festival (Family Feathers) is to educate Latinos about their  place in the environment. We have the main bosses on board which truly helps things go on. I honestly can say we would not be making it as far as we have without Jill, Sue, Andrew, and Paul’s help. Although the festival has taken over my life at this point, I am proud to say this upcoming week we will be participating in a Summer Latino Leadership Summit at Adams State University. I am stoked to get time again with some students and teach them important lessons to becoming outstanding citizens in their communities.


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