New Beginnings

Baby Chicks

Baby Chicks

Baby Simba

Baby Simba

Just when life seems to twist a problem into the mix, it also gives out little signs of hope to keep moving forward.

I was able to take the day off on Monday. My sister-in-law was in labor for two days and after a long wait, my niece Raygan Jo was finally born at 8:22pm. It was such an amazing sight to see her older sister instantly become protective and not let anyone hold the new bundle of joy. After a long night of helping them at the hospital, I made my way out of there the next morning at 1:00am.

As though Monday was not already exciting enough, Tuesday I was woken up by a clatter outside my window. I remembered back in June that a mother bird was making a nest outside my room. I stumbled out the door, climbed on top of my porch banister and found 3 baby chicks waiting for their mother to feed them. I snapped a picture just before the mother returned with worms to fill their tiny tummies.

I believe that life comes in all shapes and sizes. I will admit that the last few weeks have been a little extreme with the amount of stress I have taken on. I also will admit it’s signs such as these that rebuild me and take me to a level of being at peace again. I know that no matter what life may present,  life will always continue forward. I also know that it is the small things in life that should truly be treasured.

I am excited to see all the babies grow up, even though the ones out my window get a little too noisy a little too early in the morning.


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