2015 California Interns

Elkhorn Slough – Monterey, CA 

Meet our intern, Karina!

Name: Karina Garcia
College: UC Berkeley
Major: Molecular Environmental Biology
Project Site: Elkhorn Slough, Monterey, CA






I was born and raised in Salinas, CA. I am currently pursuing my Molecular Environmental Biology degree at UC Berkeley. I have helped with avian research in the past and am excited to study and help protect local bird species. I hope to someday obtain a graduate degree in environmental sciences.

My interest for entomology began with a spider biology course, and this interest quickly flourished into a passion and potential future career as a field entomologist.

My senior year in college I started to volunteer in a lab which combined my interest of entomology with research directed towards the conservation of birds in California vineyards. While my experience with ornithology is limited, I am excited to become familiar with local birds and to become involved with ongoing conservation efforts.

I look forward to outreaching to the local community about the nature that surrounds them and hopefully instilling some important ideals in the local youth. I am excited to interact and to build meaningful relationships with members of the community.


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