Meet our Washington D.C. intern, Sergio!

IMG_0241Name: Sergio de Hoyos Irizarry
George Mason
PhD in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering
Project Site: Washington D.C.

Background: I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. This small island in the Caribbean was my home for 23 years before I moved to the United States. There is a reason why people call my home “the island of enchantment”, and I was blessed to have experienced its beauty during my childhood and young adult life. Clear water and clean sand beaches, year around warm tropical weather, dry forests and tropical rainforests, bio-luminescent bays, an amazing cavern system are some of the most wonderful places I’ve ever encountered in my life.  A rich latino history, Spanish colonial architecture, culture and cuisine complements with nature in such a way that it makes you feel in paradise.

I’ve always been interested in math, science and how we can use the skills learned for building a better world. Aggravated by current environmental issues and a desire to learn how to conserve nature and our natural resources for future generations I decided to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering/Environmental and Water Resources Engineering. I graduated in 2010 with an undergraduate degree from the University of Puerto Rico. In 2011 I was granted a fellowship from NOAA CREST at City College of New York to pursue graduate degree in the same field while doing research in the field of atmospheric sciences using satellite data. This summer I will be graduation from my Masters degree and will continue my education with a PhD at George Mason University.

-Summer 2011: Student Researcher, Earth Science and Environmental Systems NOAA CREST Summer Bridge Program-New York, NY
-Summer 2012: Watershed Resources Assistant, USDA Forest Service-Washington, DC
-Fall 2012: WFWARP Intern, USDA Forest Service-Washington, DC
-Spring 2012: Civil Engineer Intern, DOI Bureau of Reclamation-Denver, CO

Interests: Visiting the outdoors, reading, writing, music, history, and learning.

Long-Term Goals: 

-Complete a PhD degree in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering
-Become a Licensed Professional Engineer
-Work for a Federal Agency that shares my values on environmental stewardship, natural resources conservation and sustainable development
-Perform high level research and teach future generation of scientists and engineers what I’ve learned
-Advocate for a higher ethnic diversity in STEM and nature conservation fields, specially in under-represented latino communities.


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